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Skyrocket your leadership skills by

+85% in 15 weeks!

Our Mission:


We help people, teams & organizations release their unlimited potential, so that they can achieve their goals and create a better world.


The Q-Mind System:


Our unique Coaching System activates the ‘Q-Mind’, the unexploited part of the Mind which helps us achieve our goals and live a fullfilling life.


LeaderShip Team Reboot:


A Powerful Coaching Program which transforms Executive Leadership Teams in 12 Weeks!


Our Customer Experiences

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“Change in our modern business environments is hypersonic. The only sure thing ironically is the “leap of faith” we need to take while at the same time inspiring others to take this leap with us. Takis will hold your hand during this realization. He will open up your eyes to the “what’s” and “why’s” during 5 intense and courage testing days. But the magical thing is he will give you the tools and empower you to “speed-forward” on your own.

It is amazing how a team (or team-member) can move from ambivalence and inertia to realizatio and action during such a short period of time. The tasks and exercises involved are highly experiential and so hit target fast while every conventional but also unconventional trick in the book is explored in a way that leaves everyone energized and wanting for more.

Takis himself effortlessly becomes “one of the team”, testament to his track record as a successful change leader himself. The participants can watch him practice what he preaches as the program unrolls. I consider this dynamic extremely important while the opposite, i.e. an overbearing coach, usually with wanting track record as a manager, detrimental to any coaching program.

This is a program that deconstructs “change leadership” in explicit and concrete steps and routines. Any team that needs to explore its leadership potential and maximize the positive dynamic of aligning behind a common goal will have a career changing experience in this program. Basically because irrespective of origin, status, age, or organization size, if you touch their (Q)minds their hearts and bodies will follow.”

'Leadership Team Reboot', Coaching Program

Eleni Papandreou CEO at Intersys S.A

‘It would be accurate to say that the ‘Leadership Team Reboot Program’ ‘transformed the way we operate as a Team:  We were inspired and motivated by a new sense of purpose. We aligned & committed ourselves behind a common Action Plan. We raised our Awareness in ways we could not imagine. We resolved any cooperation and communication issues which prevented us to reach our true potential and we managed to open our minds to broaden our set of choices and become able to exploit our true potential as a team. Critical to the whole process was the fact that Takis helped us understand better how the mind works and use this knowledge to change. The end-result for the whole process was that, after we built the foundation of the desired change for our organization within our own team, we began reaching out to others with purpose, trust, motivation and vision, following a concrete plan. And -last but not least- we had a great, meaningful time during the whole process!’

‘Leadership Team Reboot’, Coaching Program

Constantinos Lambadarios Managing Partner Lambadarios Law Firm

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