20 Easy Strategies to reduce Stress.

Stress is a known source of many negative consequences in your life, on the somatic, psychological, mental level. Everyone knows that ‘you ;ve got to reduce stress’ but when it comes to commit specific action plans we fail to do so. Here are 14 ‘easy strategies ‘based on which you may create your own action plan. Pick 3-5 every month and introduce them gradually into your everyday schedule.

  1. Daily Meditation: 10’ morning and 10’ evening. Ιf you don’t know how, you can google it or check it out here: https://q-mind.co/find-your-2nd-key-the-mind-push-ups/
  2. Decrease background noise and destructions (ex. De-activate Mobile notifications) while working.
  3. Avoid multitasking: deal with one thing at a time.
  4. Stop being the cause of someone else stress: pre-payments of compassion, patience, calmness, and trust to others.
  5. Plan regularly Time-outs or down-times while working.
  6. Leave work on time at least 3 times a week.
  7. Stop unloading stress on family and friends: pre-decide your agenda and attitude every evening before entering home.
  8. Avoid people who are sources of stress and conflict.
  9. Avoid the news on TV and radio: Just read selectively what you want for no more than 10’ daily on the internet,
  10. Contact regularly people who are meaningful to you.
  11. Decrease boring and repetitive work.
  12. Reduce alcohol to one glass of beer or wine every other day, only with a meal.
  13. Take up a hobby that you love.
  14. Retreat from stressful situations quickly.
  15. Find a specific physical outlet to unwind from daily stress.
  16. Τake a walk for 20’ everyday, ideally somewhere that you can be in some kind of contact with nature.
  17. Find someone with whom you can have meaningful conversations.
  18. Write down a vision and goals for your life, that are meaningful to you, not to others
  19. Εvery month put on a small amount in a low-risk investment program
  1. Εvery month write down on a piece of paper the things in your life that you can affect, vs the ones you cannot affect whatever you do. In your daily meditations, focus on the first and fully accept the second.

Bonus Tip: Forget about the excuse ‘ I have no time to do the above’. It has been proven with 100% probability that you will find the time to make the above a priority, once your stress causes a physical disease.

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