Five ‘soft issues’ that leaders may think there is no systematic process to fix.

Leaders are usually aware that there are systematic processes to improve issues like costs, marketing or sales activities, customer service or digital capabilities. But when it comes to the ‘soft issues’ ’, there are common misperceptions amongst most leaders :

  1. that ‘they are not so important’. When -in fact- some of them have proven to be the fundumanetal requirements for the success of any change.
  2. that they are ‘abstract’ issues, which you either ‘get the recipe right’ by luck, or you ‘’ve got to change people & structure to get them right’.

In reality those five issues are not at all ‘soft’. Indeed they are the ‘core issues’ you ‘ve got to sort out first, before you invest in systems, business processes or tools. And YES, they can be ‘fixed’ through a systematic process and leadership commitment:

The five ‘core’ issues of change:

  1. Articulate the company’s vision and values in a way that engages people.
  2. Ensure peoples’ commitment, not compliance.
  3. Set up a desired company’s culture.
  4. Increase the level of trust and reduce fear.
  5. Increase the levels of initiative and creativity.

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