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How do you know if you need to change?

Βy simply answering the following question:

How Happy am I from my life today?

Hοw do you rate your life from 1 to 10, where:

‘1’=‘not happy at all’

’10’=‘I already life the life which my “ideal self” would live’.


What does it mean for you?

Ιf your rating is way behind ’10’,

it means that you are far away from what you can be.

So this means that you must change something!

It is very normal not to know exactly what.

And, even more normal, not to know how!

The only certainty is that,

in order to change ‘the outside’,

you must first change ‘your inside’.

This can happen only if you activate

the part of your Mind

that you don’t currently use for your own benefit:

Your ‘Q-Mind’!


What is the Q-Mind?

The powerful part of your Mind

that can help you achieve your Goals

and live a Happy and Fulfilling Life!

How can you activate the Q-Mind?

By using the Q-Mind System’, a Life Coaching

System which is tested in hundreds of people

who effectively transformed their life!   


Where is the Q-Mind System based on?

Οn a unique combination of knowledge, experience and techniques:


How is the Q-Mind system applied?

Through personal (or group) Life Coaching Sessions:

innovative, experiential, interactive,

Designed to activate your Q-Mind

and help you begin your change in relation to:

  • your Professional Life
  • your Personal Life
  • any other important section of your life


What happens in these Sessions?

You work with:

  • the ‘4 Keys’ of the Q-Mind
  • the ‘18 Tools’ of the Q-Mind.

In the Sessions you work experientially with the Coach.

In-between sessions you practice by yourself.

On top of this, you get the book with the full ‘Q-Mind System’, which you can check out here *.

*  The book is in Greek and you can take it for free by booking an 8-sessions program.

‘More about WHAT ARE THE 4 KEYS OF Q-MIND, here


Life Coaching Programs

You may select one of the Personal (or Group) Programs of Life Coaching, depending on the Phase of Change that you want to work with the Coach:

‘PHASE Ι’: Identification of a clear Destination of Change and of the fundamental Awareness & Insight of the Key Barrier that prevents you from getting there.

(3 sessions, program ‘Begin your Change’)

PHASES Ι & ΙΙ: Full Activation of the 4 Keys of the Q-Mind so that you may design the Key Routines as well as the concrete Action Plan of your Change, which includes  facing and overcoming your Key Barrier. This program includes ‘Phase Ι’.

(8 sessions, program ‘Establish your Change’)

PHASE ΙΙΙ: Full Support by the Coach in the next phases of the implementation of your Change, with a simultaneous reinforcement of the 4 Keys of the Q-Mind.

This Program follows Phase ΙΙ.

(8 sessions, program ‘Implement your Change’)

Also, you may select to work on a one-by-one session basis, where you can work with the coach a theme of high importance to you at the time.


Who would be interested in the Q-Mind Programs?

The Q-Mind programs are recommended only to those who have decided to change their lives and are committed to work for this purpose, by changing their self first.

In order to decide if it would be meaningful for you to invest your time, energy and money in these programs, you would better first contemplate on your perceived value of this change in your life now.


You may now Begin your Change!