What is the ‘Q-Mind’

‘Q-Mind’ is the name we gave to the unexploited part of the Mind which, if activated, helps us to achieve our goals and live a fulfilled and happy life.

It is the total of the Mind’s functions, which help us go through any change we need to do and ensure success. The name ‘Q-Mind’ comes from the phrase ‘Quantic Mind’, meaning the Mind which has a ‘Quantic Potential’: A potential that can be reached without being limited by the current situation or the past. This is a gift that can be given to us only by the part of our Mind which we do not consciously use in our everyday life. A part that represents more than 90% of our Mind’s power.

There are 4 Keys to activate the Q-Mind and 18 practical tools that we can use in Business Leadership, Management but also in our Everyday Life, in order to be able to implement them. All our Coaching Programs are based on the above Keys, the systematic application of which comprise ‘The Q-Mind System’.

You can learn more about the 4 Keys of Q-Mind HERE, or you can find the book with the full ‘Q-Mind System’ HERE.