The 3 Flaws of Goal Setting

It has been proven that people who set goals succeed more in life (check it out here:

But there are many times where goal setting does not make any difference at all. In their book ‘The New Psycho-Cybernetics’, Dr Maxwell Maltz and Dan Kennedy explain the 3 flaws of goals setting you should avoid.

1.Insincerity: goals that you cannot support with inside passion and you are not willing to commit to, are goals you set in vain. Moreover, they plant the virus of a ‘quitter’ to your self-image, and therefore do more harm than good.

2. Incongruence: goals incoherent with your self – image are rejected by the subconscious. Therefore, you first have to reconstruct your self-image, if you want them to work.

3. Imprecision: vague goals or goals based on communication misfires. You should assume that nothing is self-explanatory. You need to define -and be able to envision- your final goals with great clarity and with a high level of detail, before you commit to them.

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