What is Coaching

Coaching is a cooperation between two parts where the Coach creates the environment & the framework in which the Coachee(s) can change, develop and grow in order to achieve his/her/their goals.

Effective Coaching is based on the following principles:

  •          Any change or solutions only come from the inside (Neuroscience)
  •          Coach/Coachee relationship is completely open and free of conflictιng agendas
  •          Coachee takes responsibility for current situation and for change
  •          Coachee seeks self-awareness and consciousness
  •          Focus on the present, the future and on solution, not problems
  •          Coach believes and trusts coachee’s inner potential
  •          Coach helps coachee broaden perspectives and create options
  •          Coaching is based on dynamic questions and techniques
  •          Coach does NOT judge, focus on the past or problems, or give advice


Coaching is often mixed in the minds of people with Consulting or Therapy, therefore you can see below a summary of the main difference between the three.

Coaching Therapy Consulting differences

Executive Coaching applies to Higher Executives of anorganization, Leadership Teams and Entrepreneurs and help them with the specific professional and personal challenges that their occupations brings. It can be performed in three different formats:

  1. Personal Coaching: One-to-one meetings between the Coach and the Coachee (face to face or with the help of digital telecommunication platforms).
  2. Team Coaching: In this case as Coachee is considered the team as an entity, provided it serves a specific purpose, with specific roles within the organization.
  3. Group Coaching: Meetings with many Coachees who benefit individually while following common stimuli and processes.


Below, see in which areas the 3 forms of Executive Coaching can help:


Executive Coaching Help Areas