Who is Takis Perkizas

Takis PerkizasMy Curriculum Vitae

As a Transformation Coach & Consultant, Takis Perkizas has used the Q-Mind system to help C-Level Executives & Leadership Teams to grow and achieve their professional and personal goals. He is also active as a motivational speaker, trainer, columnist in the ‘Q-Mind’ social media pages, as well as author of the book ‘You can change everything’.

He had a successful career as a Senior Business Executive for 22 years and he has been the Vice-President of the Hellenic Institution of Marketing.

He is certified by the International Coaching Federation (I.C.F), he has a B.Sc. in Chemistry in the University of Patras, two Post Graduate Degrees in Economics & Marketing from the London School of Economics and the City University of London and a certification in Psychology in the University of Yale (USA). He is married and he has a son.

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My Mission

‘As a Transformation Consultant & Coach my mission is to become ‘The Catalyst’ who helps people, teams & organizations release their unlimited potential, so that they can achieve their goals and create a better world.’