Leadership Coaching


Skyrocket your leadership skills by +85% in 15 weeks!


,so that you:

  • Place yourself in the fast track of corporate advancement!
  • Achieve business results faster!
  • Make your team more focused, effective, and inspired!
  • Gain the respect, cooperation, and advocacy of your key stakeholders!
  • Find a better work-life balance as well as more personal happiness.

This is a proven coaching system, that really works! Based on neuroscience, the mechanics of leadership and change, it uses a combination of mental, emotional, and practical tools to strengthen the muscle of leadership in you!

Yes, science has proven that leadership is really a muscle in you, and YOU can strengthen it with the proper exercise!

People who went through the program have reported to increase the Leadership Skills they worked on by an average of +85%! (Based on self-evaluation and others’ evaluation, on a scale from‘1’ to ‘10’)




Through the program the Coach works with the Coachee on the 4 Keys of any Effective Change, adjusted to the ‘Leadership Muscle’. The 4 Keys are the following:

  • Clarify your Destination (Point B)
  • Managing your Thoughts
  • Managing your Emotions
  • Managing your Habits.

At the same time, the Coachee works (laser-targeted and selectively) on mastering some of the Leadership Tools which are important for her/his specific Leadership Goals, such as:

  • Leadership Presence tools,
  • Effective Goal Setting & Inspiring Vision-Creation tools,
  • Communication: Listening, Presentation & Effective Meeting tools,
  • Prioritization & Time-Management tools,
  • Techniques for Breaking from Chaos and from Feeling Overwhelmed,
  • Optimum Project Management approaches,
  • Optimum Conflict Management approaches,
  • Feedback (giving & getting) & Self-Development tools,
  • Daily Organization & Monitoring tools,


The program is run by an ICF-accredited coach, who uniquely combines Executive Coaching Skills with vast Corporate Leadership Experience.

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Who are the Q-Mind Leadership Coaching programs for?

High-Potential Executives who:

  • want to accelerate their growth and reach their high potential fast,
  • have a burning desire for self-development, success, and fulfillment,
  • are willing to take full responsibility for their development and to commit to work with themselves,
  • have a ‘growth mindset’, i.e., they are open to new ways of managing themselves and their work.


If you feel you fit these criteria, you can arrange a FREE 50 mins Web-Session with the Coach to learn more, by sending a request here: t@q-mind.co, or calling at 2114056846.




Frequently Asked Questions about Leadership Coaching


1. Is Leadership Coaching only for CEOs and Heads of Functions?

Ιt is for them and also for anyone who the organization sees as a candidate for a future leadership position. In addition, it is for people who want to learn how to better manage themselves -and their work-, independently of whether they are supervising people, or not. ‘Leadership is a function, not a position.’

2. Executive Coaching is for Managers who seem to have a problem in terms of effectiveness or behavior, right?

Wrong! Executive Coaching – and Leadership Coaching even more- is for High Potential Executives who we want to develop faster. Any other approach on Coaching will simply not work and will give the wrong message to the coaching candidate and the rest of the organization.

3. Can we have results sooner than 15 weeks?

Yes we can! The improvement rate in the Leadership Skills of a person has to do with the pace he/she will work in the program. As mentioned above, the Average Actual Result in Leadership Improvement is +85%. We had people who achieved even better improvement rates (>150%), but all participants so far have had improvement rates higher than 52%.

4. How do I know the program will work for sure?

Τhe only thing you should check is whether the requirements mentioned above (see ‘who is the program for?’) are fulfilled. If they are, the Coach will confirm this BEFORE the program starts and, and if the Coachee completes the program and works systematically on the agreed homeworks, there is a 100% Money Βack Guarantee, this is the level of confidence we have about our program!

5. In the ‘4 Keys’ you mention things like ‘Managing Thought and Emotions’. I truly don’t know if I can work on these aspects for myself, and I am interested mainly in the practical tools of Leadership, which the Coach will teach me. Can we stick to those only?

Quite frankly, No! Because no one can promise you that this alone can work! Leadership works on changing yourself, and any attempt to change without working on all the 4 Keys, would be like a caterpillar trying to fly without having all its wings grown! Thoughts and emotions are after all a significant part of who we are, as people and as leaders Also, bear in mind that the Coach does not ‘teach you’, because he is neither a ‘teacher’ nor a ‘consultant’. Check out here how effective coaching works https://q-mind.co/what-is-coaching/. Experience proves that this is the only effective way for you to ‘learn Leadership’.

6. What happens if I do not have the time to work with myself, in parallel with my already demanding job?

The correct question here is the following: ‘What happens if I will never create the time to work with myself? What will be the consequences of this to my career, my life, my time, my financials? If your answer encourages you to take the effort, the next question is: ‘What can really be different ‘later’ that will make the circumstance better than ‘now’’? Answer these questions sincerely and you will find the correct next step for you. The undertaking of ‘full responsibility’, mentioned above as a prerequisite, is directly connected with the time that you will find -or not find- for your self-development.

Now, during the program the Coachee adapts the pace with which she/he works with herself/himself, to the time and energy she/he wants to devote. The program is adjusted accordingly, and the Coach ensures that the Coachee’s goals match with the devoted time and energy. If needed, the goals are adjusted accordingly.

7. Do you use standard questionnaires and leadership evaluation tools?

Yes, but this is the easy part you can find on your own through a quick Internet search. The Coach’s added value is not about giving you generic tests; it is about interpreting them and using them effectively so that you can bring the change you want for yourself.

8. Is there a commitment for confidentiality between the Coach and the Coachee?

100% Υes, and it is clearly defined by the ICF confidentiality agreement’ signed by both parties.

9. Ιs there a way to do the Coaching to the whole of my team, instead of doing individual coaching?

Yes, and you can see an example here: https://q-mind.co/leadership-team-reboot/. In this case you will have to talk to the Coach first, so that you crystallize what you want to achieve with your team, because there is a slightly different approach to Team Coaching than to one-to-one Coaching. You also need to know that, as a team leader, you are required to have a 100% active participation in the program .

10. How much does a Leadership Coaching Program cost? Can it be more flexible in terms of time, and therefore in terms of cost?

You will discuss the related costs with the Coach during your FREE introductory web-meeting. Yes, programs can be more flexible, with a respective adjustment of the Coachee’s Goals.


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