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“Change in our modern business environments is hypersonic. The only sure thing ironically is the “leap of faith” we need to take while at the same time inspiring others to take this leap with us. Takis will hold your hand during this realization. He will open up your eyes to the “what’s” and “why’s” during 5 intense and courage testing days. But the magical thing is he will give you the tools and empower you to “speed-forward” on your own.

It is amazing how a team (or team-member) can move from ambivalence and inertia to realizatio and action during such a short period of time. The tasks and exercises involved are highly experiential and so hit target fast while every conventional but also unconventional trick in the book is explored in a way that leaves everyone energized and wanting for more.

Takis himself effortlessly becomes “one of the team”, testament to his track record as a successful change leader himself. The participants can watch him practice what he preaches as the program unrolls. I consider this dynamic extremely important while the opposite, i.e. an overbearing coach, usually with wanting track record as a manager, detrimental to any coaching program.

This is a program that deconstructs “change leadership” in explicit and concrete steps and routines. Any team that needs to explore its leadership potential and maximize the positive dynamic of aligning behind a common goal will have a career changing experience in this program. Basically because irrespective of origin, status, age, or organization size, if you touch their (Q)minds their hearts and bodies will follow.”

'Leadership Team Reboot', Coaching Program

Eleni Papandreou CEO at Intersys S.A

‘It would be accurate to say that the ‘Leadership Team Reboot Program’ ‘transformed the way we operate as a Team:  We were inspired and motivated by a new sense of purpose. We aligned & committed ourselves behind a common Action Plan. We raised our Awareness in ways we could not imagine. We resolved any cooperation and communication issues which prevented us to reach our true potential and we managed to open our minds to broaden our set of choices and become able to exploit our true potential as a team. Critical to the whole process was the fact that Takis helped us understand better how the mind works and use this knowledge to change. The end-result for the whole process was that, after we built the foundation of the desired change for our organization within our own team, we began reaching out to others with purpose, trust, motivation and vision, following a concrete plan. And -last but not least- we had a great, meaningful time during the whole process!’

‘Leadership Team Reboot’, Coaching Program

Constantinos Lambadarios Managing Partner Lambadarios Law Firm

“Takis is an excellent coach as he combines long professional managerial experience, certified coaching qualifications and the desired skills and attitudes. HIs contribution as a group coach and consultant has been catalytic to our management team! Takis, we are grateful for your support!”

‘Leadership Team Reboot’, Coaching Program & ‘Build Team Trust’, Coaching Program

Gerasimos Kouvaras Managing Director ActionAid Greece

After our Workshop, our team has been mobilized, owning a new ‘flair’: everyone is feeling much more focused and activated, our steps are more decisive, certain and direct. It seems that the work we 've done together in this workshop was extremely precious and essential, as regards our alignment but also our practicalities. Despite our big challenges, the emotional bonding and the mood amongst us are much stronger and more positive, and you can tell this from our behaviors and actions. We learned how to ‘look forward’, towards the vision that you helped us build for our ‘next day’, and we keep going forward with certainty towards this direction, with ‘the mind’ and ‘the heart’.
Coach, we thank you so much and we wish that you continue to offer your unique help, in as many organizations as you can, because, indeed, you succeed in your own vision for a better world.

'Shaping Your Vision', Coaching Program

Ksenia Kourtoglou Founder & Managing Partner at Focus-Bar

My personal cooperation, as well as my team’s, with Takis has played a catalytic role to the change that my company is under. His successful lead starts with the establishment of a business relationship in which both parties share the responsibility and then they collaborate towards the common goal!
Within this collaboration, he constantly pushes you to improve, to feel safer by overcoming your fears and doubts, so that you start taking the initiatives (for the change) yourself while- at the same time- he presents you with opportunities and challenges you may not have noticed.

Takis has a unique way to make you raise your level of self- awareness, help you realise what you do - and what you don’t do- and facilitate your change based on your own awareness of how your mind works and how you may use it to ensure the success on your goals! He therefore makes available all the tools and support you need to count on your own strengths!

All the above are happening with the help of his exquisite communication skills as well as his long experience as a top-level business executive, which make him a ‘one of a kind’ coach.

Consulting and Coaching programs

Αrgyro Sinou CEO SYNFERRI (retail / e-commerce)

“This is a workshop you ‘ve got to experience if you want to create for yourself and your team a new path to self-awareness, a new start for any kind of change you may need. It creates a positive spiral of optimism based on the scientific fact that we can change anything we want and it provides a wide variety of tools to increase your awareness, initiate & solidify your change. A unique & balanced combination of a scientific (neuroscience) background, visualization & guided meditation techniques linked to prioritization & action-planning at a personal but also at a team level. A workshop that makes you think, feel and understand yourself and your team in a different way, surely a ‘one of a kind’, intense experience for anyone who is open to change.”

‘Let Transformation Begin’ Coaching Workshop

Panayiotis Gezerlis CEO Convert Group

“Takis has a talent to make you understand your self better and provide you at the right time with the right tools to develop yourself and accomplish your personal goals. Combined with his deep business knowledge and management experience, he can be a valuable asset as a personal coach or as business consultant. For any person/manager who is committed to his own self-development, but also for any business leader committed to the success of his business, I strongly recommend to work with Takis!”

‘Q-Momentum Coaching’ Program

Lazaros Papadopoulos CEO Athlenda.com

‘We worked closely together with Takis for some months on developing an International Commercial Plan for my company. The result was Top-Class. And not only that, but through that process of working on our "numbers" we were practically forced to re-think many of our strategies. We now feel confident on where we want to go as a company, thanks to Takis.So overall Ι would say for Takis: Great communication skills, always in a timely manner, and a great resource for refining, capturing and presenting your long term commercial strategy.’

Consulting: International Commercial Plan

Αlexander Mylonas Group Sales Director-Alumil

‘Great executive and leadership coaching services with personalized approach that really help you identify your strengths and grow. Highly recommended to all ambitious professionals with growth mindset.’

Q-Momentum Coaching

Ioannis Pouloupatis Co-Founder & Senior Executive

‘Picture yourself as your best possible version; Enter Q-Mind and you’re heading there! The sessions are based on 4 simple keys & built around various tools & practical exercises designed to unleash your virtually unlimited potential. The coach is knowledgeable, focused, engaging, inspiring, clear in communication; transmitting positive energy & motivation. The experience is deeply transformative & pleasant.’

Q-Momentum & Life Coaching

Ioannis Koufalitakis Shipping Executive

“Eager to share what we had discovered during the 5 times we were noticed to be collectively absent by our staff members, we invited Takis to our “pita-cutting” celebration as a key note speaker. He was fast to accept this challenge of addressing all levels of the organization on with new and intriguing these on change. In particular the concept of active rather than passive participation in the change process. A universal but still evasive concept, i.e. “be the change you want to see in others” or “ask what you can do for your country”, was re-invented in the context of modern neuroscience and delivered in a business environment but with both personal and business perspective. All staff watched spell-bounded and in many ways engaged actively with Takis in the process. It was the perfect touch to underline the unique message of our transformation kick-off event.”

Inspirational Speaking

Eleni Papandreou CEO at Intersys S.A

With the Q-Mind Program I changed because I learnt how not to be afraid: of the unknown, of the new, of the future. I learnt how not feel insecure and unsafe about my choices and my ability to succeed. I learnt how to live the moment!

The experience of the Q-Mind Program is penetrating, reaching to the heart of the issue directly and very quickly. The program unlocks you and deals with you in such a way, as if the Q-Mind has been specifically created for you!

Life Coaching

Lena Ζ. Athens

'The Q-Mind system helped me identify and radically change the negative beliefs that held me back. The only thing in this system that makes it work so efficiently is the combination of theory with applicable exercises and practices tailored to my goals!'

Life Coaching

Julia L. Athens

The cooperation with the coach, under the 'Q-Mind System', helped me specify an clarify my life purpose, as well as focus on the most appropriate (for me) way of making it happen, amongst many available alternatives. The Q-Mind system differs from what I have read -or heard- up until today, mostly due to the fact that it offered me very specific practical 'tools', which helped me shape my own action plan and reach my end goal.

Life Coaching

Chrysta P. Athens

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“We created a common language, common Vision & Goals, shaped a true alignment behind them with concrete Action Plans”

“Very Deep Understanding & Clarification of the end-Vision, the Actions that will lead us there & of my Role & Responsibilities in Company Transformation”

“A Unique Coaching Approach: a combination of Science & Energy Techniques”

“We developed Team Spirit, Alignment, Motivation & Trust!”

“A Unique way to Visualize the Future as we want it, and build everything based on this Vision”

“The Coach Understands & feels perfectly the Team Dynamics, balances skillfully between letting it unravel & pushing for results”

“The Coach energizes the Team to take on its responsibilities & take action”

“A Combination of using all our senses & skills when working together”

“The Team learns to use specific Techniques when working together, such as The Positive Amplifier, Feedforward and Active Listening”

“Many different stimuli to make you think differently & start changing”

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