Find your 2nd Key: The Mind Push-Ups

In the previous post we saw that, to activate the Q-Mind, we need to dis-identify from our thoughts. This process is like the process of systematically increasing our body’s strength through training, before we decide to play basketball, football or do athletics, so that we avoid injuries but also perform better in the selected sport. And what is the first thing we do in order to increase our body strength? The ‘mother’ of ‘body strength’ exercises: Push-ups.

In any sport or training we choose, doing our push-ups (and a couple of other basic exercises) regularly is fundamental, right? So, you can begin with your ‘Q-Mind’s Push-ups’ TODAY, the basic exercise of dis-identification from your thoughts, which is the following:
— — — —

Sit down in a comfortable armchair or sofa and close your eyes. Using your 5 senses, focus all your attention on your breathing, by observing the flow of the air through your nostrils to your pharynx, the diaphragm, up to the limits of your belly and all the way back until it comes out again. Listen, smell, feel the touch of the air to the inside of your nostrils, the inside of your neck, the lungs. Let yourself be completely & deeply ‘taken’ by the feeling and the living of your breathing. During the process, thoughts will come up to your mind. For this process, we define as ‘thoughts’ ANYTHING that is NOT the focus on your breathing including external sounds, body ‘annoyances’ or discomfort, or thoughts like ‘what time is it?’, ‘what am I doing here?’, ‘am I doing this right?’, ‘how much time do I have left?’ ,’after this I have to…’ etc. Knowing that it is normal and expected that you Mind generates thoughts, just accept it and observe these thoughts as they come, put a ‘thought’ label on them, and let it go back, the same way as it came through, focusing your full attention back on your breathing. Expect that your mind will persist bringing up thoughts in the same way that you will persist letting them go without judging them. This is the whole point of the exercise, NOT that your mind will stop thinking! If you become lost in your thoughts for a moment or for a while, just do exactly the same thing (letting the thought go) without provoking more thoughts (like: ‘I ‘m not doing this right’, ‘I cannot do this’ etc.).

Insist in the process for at least 5 minutes and repeat it at least 2 times a day (morning and night before sleep will be best). After a few days you will feel that you will be able to do this better, and gradually your will be ready to proceed in more advanced exercises, while you start feeling more skillful at ‘observing’ your thoughts in your everyday life, therefore being more conscious of what is happening to you. Also, you will start gaining 20 physical, mental and emotional benefits which we will know about more in our next post.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We do NOT push thoughts away! We just label them and let them go by re-focusing on our breath!

ALSO: Any human being is able to do this exercise in the way it has been described, provided he/she wants to do it.