3 Simple Neuroscience Tricks for Top Performance!

In their book, ‘the Leading Brain’, F. Fabritius and H.W.Hagemann explain how we can arouse the creation of the 3 neurochemicals that elicit top-performance.

1. Dopamine: ‘to truly be performing at peak, you should be having fun’.

2. Noradrenaline: the chemical which ensures our survival, is produced when you feel slightly over-challenged.

3. Acetylcholine: the chemical which babies can produce automatically but adults need to ‘manually’ start its creation process, by putting extraordinary focus on something.

So the simplest way to hack your mind for extraordinary performance is :

1. Do what you gain pleasure or fun from, or learn how to ‘convince your mind’ that you are having fun with what you do.

2. Whatever you may be doing, find a way to add a challenge that was not there before, something that makes it more interesting, difficult and exciting but still within your potential.

3. Focus 100%. For a while push away all distractions, external (phones, emails, etc) or internal (thoughts).