What Management Consultants will NEVER tell you!

(Top challenges for family business #2)

Management consultants will never tell you the biggest truth:

that YOU are your own biggest problem !

In order to change what you do in your business, you first need to change who you are. This is why most of the times new systems, strategies, processes and structures will fail to change your business. Because in the end, it is YOU who have to implement and support them.
The biggest barrier to change is that 95% of family business owners -in the end- refuse to do this. Their ego is threatened so much, that it stops them from changing themselves. In their ego’s minds, this would mean that ‘they were wrong all this time’, so their ego’s first priority becomes to defend itself. This is a subconscious process that -most of the times- is covert. It manifests in the form of passive resistance, inability to ‘understand’ new concepts or difficulty to find ‘worthy’ partners and colleagues to implement the new strategies.
So, if you really what to change your business:
Start your change from YOURSELF! Be willing to UNLEARN much more than you are willing to learn. Take full responsibility for all that is happening to your business (good or bad).
By first changing WHO you are, it will be then ready to change what you do.