What’s the 1st thing that Leadership Teams need to do in meetings but tend to do last? (or not do at all)

Neuroscience has proven that, from all brain activities, the most energy demanding is PRIORITIZING, because it includes a combination of retrieving past information and predicting the future, in a way that heavily engages many areas of the pre-frontal cortex.

Leadership teams tend to consume much of their meetings’ time by going through and over-analyzing existing information and when the time comes for one of their real jobs (prioritizing) there is no energy left to do it properly.

One solution would be to schedule dedicated meetings for prioritizing decisions, having reviewed all available information prior to the meetings in their own time, or discussed the findings and analysis in other regular meetings. Another would be Jeff Bezos’ solution, where information in meetings is only done through reading ready reports (with text) so as to dedicate discussion time only in decisions.